Support and maintenance for the online stores

Reclaim your time. Gain peace of mind.

What if I told you that you could gain a few hours each week to spend nicely with family and friends instead of spending them fiddling with your online store? Don’t believe it? Let me convince you how many time-consuming tasks you can outsource to people who are specialized in it.


It seems to be a trivial thing, which is taken care of by hosting, right? Apparently, yes, but the hosting companies specialize in something completely different. For them, it’s important to be able to restore your website to a previous version. But what does that mean? Imagine two scenarios that my clients have experienced:


I was approached by a client whose online store started “acting strange”. It quickly turned out that he was the victim of an attack, and his server was infected by a virus. For several weeks it was sitting quite still until one day it became active and started messing with the website. The customer’s first instinct was to contact his hosting company and ask them to restore the backup.

It looked good, but not really. Hosting did exactly as requested, but the restored backup was as infected as the last version of the website. Why? The web-hosting made backups regularly, but they kept backups only 14 days back. So even going back to the oldest one did not solve the problem, and the problem returned.


Here the situation was similar, with the difference that the client found out the same day the attack took place. So why didn’t the hosting backup solve the issue? The hosting kept backups for a long time, up to 3 months back, but they were made once a week. So imagine that you discover that something is wrong with your website on Friday, and the last backup was made last weekend. Restoring it involves digging into all the changes made during the week. Imagine the work to restore orders, statuses, shipments, payments, and invoices. Not to mention the customers’ reputation who had to be notified and informed of the situation.


Lack of updates is unquestionably the most common cause of website infections. Each infection causes a lot of problems. I’m not talking about the website downtime due to the necessity of removing the virus. I’m talking about legal consequences, for example, the need to inform the Office of Personal Data Protection about unauthorized access to personal data. It doesn’t sound like a good plan for the weekend, does it?

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you regularly update not only your plugins and theme but also WordPress itself. But what does regular mean? You may have a reminder on your calendar to check for updates. Maybe you even do it every day. But do you know what exactly happens when you perform an update manually? Are you sure the new version will work any better? Or maybe it would cause a conflict with another plugin?


Updates themselves are not everything. It can happen that after an update, some features of the site will no longer work. While, for example, the smaller size of photos won’t be a big problem. However, a malfunctioning contact form or online store’s purchase path will be. Such errors after an update may cause the loss of customers and revenue for the company.

You deserve to be helped.

Running an online business is a challenging task. For obvious reasons, none of us is the alpha and omega. Neither you nor I possess knowledge on every subject. That’s why we need to focus on what we are best at. Let me take care of the technical stuff while you focus on growing your business and making your customers love your online store.

See for yourself how much you will gain.

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